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What do we do?

Hey, we’re Bob and Nick from Bonic Studios. Welcome to the official Bonic Studios website! Since 2004 we’ve been making movies, spanning from comedy to horror and from shorties to full feature films. Our passion lies in improving the quality of our movies with each project, even with the lack of a real budget. With our filming services we can also capture your most special moments on Blu-ray or DVD with the same high standards we set for our movies! For more information see Filming Services.


We’re currently in the last phase of wrapping up our latest project 'Jackpot', which is a Full HD thriller. The scope of this movie is way larger than that of our previous projects. With a stunning 46 pages of script and over a dozen actors it’s our biggest, most ambitious project to date. In the movie, a young Dutch couple wins the jackpot in a lottery. They have the time of their lives, but when the young man finds his girlfriend to be abducted for the money, his world collapses. He gets involved in a dangerous game of betrayal, greed and murder. Jackpot will have its premiere the 27th of July in Theatre De Hofnar in Valkenswaard. Later this year the movie will be released on YouTube, Blu-ray and DVD.